Toss or Keep? Audit Last Year’s Decorations and Decide What You Need

The holiday seasons bring out a variety of decorations, including some you may have forgotten about since last year. 

Unpacking these embellishments is the perfect time to do a house and garage cleanout to declutter your collection and donate during the holiday season. This increases the chances that someone will find new treasure sooner and enjoy restoring value to it.  

Here are four tips to make decluttering your holiday decorations a less painstaking task. 

Unbox Your Entire Collection 

This tip seems like it will only make a bigger mess, right? To be honest, it might. But once you’ve sorted through every decoration and organized them into a donation pile and a “keep” pile, you’ll begin feeling better about the mess.  

Limit Yourself 

This one may be hard, but designate a specific number of boxes you can fill. Setting a limit before you begin will make your decision on what to keep and toss much easier. Pick a reasonable goal so you don’t set yourself up to overfill the boxes. 

Separate into Piles 

Open your storage containers and begin sorting. As you move through the boxes, grab the items you know you do not want to keep. Determine whether the things you’re getting rid of are acceptable to donate or go in the residential junk pile. 

Complete a Final Sort 

Remember that you created a storage limit — what you keep must fit. Continue going through your ornaments until you’ve narrowed your selection while making sure you know what remains to stay within your limit.

When you’ve reached this point, you’re now ready to decorate for the holiday. You’ll also know which damaged items may need replacing so you can plan your holiday decoration shopping. Even better — you won’t have as much to put away, and you’re ready for next year!

Stay Decluttered with Professional Junk Removal 

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