Summer Storm Guide: Preparation, Yard Waste Disposal, and More

Many associate summertime with wonderful things like pool time, vacations, and backyard barbeques, but a harsh reality is that the summer season often brings with it severe storms that can threaten a homeowner’s safety as well as their home’s structure. 

With that in mind, here’s how you can appropriately prepare for and mitigate excessive damage that a looming summer storm may bring your way:

Secure Outdoor Furniture

Surging storm winds can make even the heaviest patio furniture look like looseleaf paper, so put outdoor furnishings somewhere the strong winds can’t whip them up and put you and your property in danger. 

It’s wise to bring anything not nailed or tied down inside; anything considered outdoor clutter, like toys or planters, should have a safe spot where a storm can’t get to them. Homeowners should also contact a junk removal service if they have anything yard waste that must be taken away, ideally long before a storm rolls in.

Unplug Electronics

If a storm’s lightning strikes hit a local electric pole, a multi-million-volt surge of electricity can blast through your electronics, rendering them completely unusable. It’s not incredibly common, so you won’t necessarily need to unplug everything you own, but it happens enough that unplugging your big-ticket items or essential appliances, like your TV or dishwasher, could save you a lot of money and frustration.

Check the Generator

Generators can help you keep power for hours if your main power gets cut out, so it’s important to know how yours operates and check to see how much fuel it has if you know a storm is approaching. 

If you don’t have a generator, consider getting a portable one to help you deal with the stressors of temporary outages, like staying connected to the internet or keeping food from going rancid.

Stay Safe with Rubbish Works Junk Removal

You can’t predict what storms will do, but you can do whatever it takes to protect your home from the dangers they bring. Calling Rubbish Works for yard waste disposal is an excellent way to ensure severe storms don’t cause severe headaches later. Schedule a free estimate with one of our debris removal experts today by calling (800) 501-9324.

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