4 Eco-Friendly Tips for Summer Yard Waste Removal

With summer coming to a close and school back in session, the window to take care of some last-minute summer tasks is rapidly closing. But you don’t want to go about it the wrong; you’re an eco-conscious homeowner who doesn’t want to cut corners but wants fast ways to handle yard waste. Here are four eco-friendly ways to have your cake and eat it, too.

1. Compost What You Can

If you aren’t already composting, this could be an excellent opportunity to start! While it’s not the most time-saving way to use garden leftovers, it can be fast once you get your method down. 

Just save your leaves and grass clippings and add them to your heap. When the compost is ready, the extra yard waste will give it a nice boost that your garden will love.

2. Make a Safe Haven for Wildlife

Are you a big fan of the neighborhood animal friends? They’ll love a dedicated spot off the beaten path to thrive. Many animals love piles of leaves, grass, or twigs, so piling them up to make a home is a valid option. This tip isn’t for everyone. It can backfire and invite unwanted guests, so only do this if you’re sure it won’t cause problems for your home.

3. “Grasscycling”

No one wants to clean up their grass clippings. But with grasscycling, now you don’t have to. You can leave the clippings down, and they eventually become an excellent fertilizer. This tip is perfect for those with busy schedules, as it removes something you do instead of adding.

4. Hiring Professional Yard Waste Removal

Calling for help is the fastest and most straightforward way to say goodbye to yard waste. But you must call a company that handles responsible disposal. That way, you know your waste is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

End Your Summer With a Clean Slate

Do you need an eco-friendly solution to your summer yard waste woes? Call Rubbish Works — our reputation is all about responsible disposal and offering fast, on-demand service. Contact us today at 855-501-9324 for your free estimate!

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