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Apartment, Home or Commercial Clean Out

Why do people look for a Cleanout expert?

Cleanouts are required for a wide range of reasons.   It could be an apartment or retail tenant that moved out of the building and left a number of items behind.    Apartments could require a clean out for a forced eviction or just a tenant that left items behind.   Home foreclosures also require a service that provides the labor and hauling services if the house is being prepared for a sale.

Why choose Rubbish Works for Cleanout projects?

We provide all of the labor for the project so you and your company are not required to provide any hands on involvement.   Even if the project requires some light demolition work, we can handle it.   Your project will be taken care of with a single phone call to Rubbish Works.

We will work out a bid for your project and provide a fixed price.   From there it’s up to you to decide when you require the service.  Once the project date is determined, you can schedule our service on line or get in touch with our call center.

Rubbish Works helps the environment in Denver and surrounding areas

Typically, as much as 100% of the items collected in home and apartment cleanouts can be donated.   We have partnered with several local charities for donation of these items.

Commercial cleanouts can have a large amount of office furniture left behind.   These items are usually metal or wood so we are also able to recycle over 60% of what we collect.             

Who uses our cleanout services?

For home and apartment cleanouts, we work with banks, apartment managers, property managers and realtors to get a property ready for its future tenants.   Depending on the amount of material, we can have the property cleaned out is just a few hours.

On the commercial side, we work with property managers and landlords to best manager their rubbish removal needs.   From ¼ loads to multiple loads, we are committed to providing the best level of service for our commercial customers.

How much will it cost to remove the Material?

We charge by the volume your load fills up in our truck, so the price that we quote depends on how much we'll be hauling and the size of the load.  We can remove as little as a few items all the way up to multiple loads.   No matter how big or how small your job we will provide an upfront quote for the project.  There are never any hidden fees when using Rubbish Works.

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