Full Cleanout Services

Downsizing or need to remove clutter at your home, rental or business property? Rubbish Works Junk Removal can help! Whether you have a few unwanted items or an entire space that needs to be cleared, our team of leading cleanout experts can make short work of an overwhelming situation.


We understand that the longer you live in a house, the more stuff you will acquire. When faced with a packed attic, basement, or garage, it can be devastating – never mind an entire estate filled with a lifetime of belongings. Our full service cleanouts include these key clutter areas:

Is your attic starting to fill up with items? Whether you’re the most organized person or you just need to declutter your attic from time to time, many people have a difficult time keeping the attic clean and organized. It can be one of the best storage spaces, but it can also very easily become a disaster area that is overfilled with items that you don’t use.

Basement Cleanout

Let’s face it – basements can get messy quickly! Often seen, and used, as a dumping ground for old clothing, toys, and tools, the basement is often overlooked during routine house cleaning. Basement cleanout services can, but do not typically involve the removal of too much large furniture. What makes cleaning out a basement unique is the time and effort needed to bag or box all the smaller loose debris and piles of belongings and haul them out. Call on Rubbish Works Junk Removal to help you tackle this often-forgotten area.

Garage Cleanout

Often home to tools, car parts, bicycles, camping and sports gear and a million other trivial things, garages also tend to be a convenient dumping ground for rarely used items.Empty electronic boxes, broken garden equipment, and boxes full of items you intended to trash or donate can quickly pile up in your garage adding up to a complete mess before too long. If this sounds familiar, give Rubbish Works Junk Removal a call!  We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. A garage cleanout is the perfect start to having a well-organized space.

Shed and Outbuilding Cleanout

Because they are big open spaces, storage sheds become easy targets for “temporarily” holding items that don’t have a designated home of their own. This may work well until temporary becomes longer than intended and items meant to be in the shed cannot be accessed easily.

Storage Unit Cleanout

Storage units are great resources when you temporarily need a place to put your things for three to six months. They are especially useful if you’re relocating and need time to figure out what will fit in your new space. Too often however, storage units become a place where things go to live for years without thought of what is in it and if the items continue to be needed, wanted or useful. Are you storing toys your children have outgrown, clothes that are no longer in style, or furniture you just can’t see in your new home? Prefer to just get rid of it all without having to go through the trouble of selling piece meal or taking some place else to sell? Rubbish Works Junk Removal offers a “Done for You” hands-free solution and will cleanout the unit, donate where possible and properly recycle or dispose of the rest!

Full House Cleanout

From downsizing, to moving out, to moving into assisted living, to clearing out a house after a death of a loved one, Rubbish Works Junk Removal is here to help you with this potentially exhausting process. Contact us for a free planning consultation, an estimate for removal and other valuable resources you may need. When it comes time for the actual cleanout, we’ll put our structured process into action and you’ll be amazed how quickly and efficiently the property is cleaned out. Click here to learn more about our Estate Transitions services.

Rental Cleanout

If you are a rental property owner, landlord, or property manager, chances are you’ve had tenants move out and leave their messes behind. Rather than handling it yourself, save time, money and resources by giving Rubbish Works Junk Removal a call! We provide full cleanout services to remove previous tenant abandoned belongings so you can focus on the many other tasks involved in getting a property back to generating income. Our team is trained to get in, assess what needs done rapidly then get to work and turn the job around quickly for you. Learn more about additional Property Management services.

Call us to receive a free estimate on any of our cleanout services.


Dishwashers, Dryers, Large Appliances, Microwave Ovens, Ovens, Ranges, Small Appliances, Stoves, Washing Machines, Water Heaters

Appliances with Coolant*

Air Conditioners, Deep Freezes, Refrigerators, Mini Refrigerators


Construction/Remodel Debris

Bath Tubs, Brick, Cabinets, Carpet, Carpet Pad, Ceiling Acoustical Tiles, Concrete, Doors, Drywall, Electrical, Flooring, Gravel, Insulation, Lighting Fixtures, Plaster, PVC, Rock, Roofing, Sinks, Tile, Toilets, Vinyl Flooring, Window Coverings, Wood Scraps


Cables, CD/DVD Players, Cell Phones, Computers, Computer Accessories, Copiers, Desk Phones, Desktop Computers, Digital Cameras, Fax Machines, Keyboards, Laptops, Large electronics, Loudspeakers, Microphones, Monitors, Networking Equipment, Notebooks, Peripherals, Printers, Radios, Scanners, Servers, Small Electronics, Speakers, Stereos, Televisions, Webcams


Boxed, Bulk, Canned, Frozen, Pet Food

Armoires, Bed Frames, Book Cases, Box Springs, Coffee Tables, Couches, Credenzas, Cubicle Partitions, Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Dressers, End Tables, File Cabinets, Garden Furniture, Head Boards, Hutches, Lamps, Mattresses, Office/Computer Desks, Recliners, Shelving/Racking, Sleeper Sofas, Stools

Hardscape Materials

Heating Devices

Electric Heater, Wood Stove, Wood Stove Insert

*some restrictions apply

Housewares & Furnishings

Artwork, Bakeware, Blankets, Cookware, Cutlery, Decorations, Dishes, Drinkware, Linens, Microwaves, Office Supplies, Serving Bowls, Small Appliances, Storage Containers/Baskets, Towels, Utensils, Window Coverings

Medical Equipment

Canes, Crutches, Grippers, Medical Beds, Power Lift Recliners, Shower Benches, Walkers, Wheel Chairs

Musical Instruments

Guitars, Keyboards, Organs, Pianos

Outdoor Furnishings & Equipment

Above Ground Pool, BBQ/Smoker, Decking, Dog House/Crate, Fencing (wood/metal), Garden Planters, Gas/Electric Lawn Mower, Gazebo, Hot Tub/Spa, Outdoor Furniture, Patio Cover, Play Structure, Riding Mower, Shed


Block Styrofoam, Books, Cardboard, Magazines, Packing Peanuts

Personal Belongings

Accessories, Backpacks, Clothing, Footwear, Handbags, Jewelry, Outerwear, Suitcases/Luggage

Cordless Power Tools, Electric Power Tools, Hand Tools

Toys/Sports Equip/Pet Supplies

Bicycles, Camping Gear, Exercise Bikes, Free Weights, Kids Toys/Games, Play Structures, Pool Tables, Skis, Toy Chests, Trampolines, Treadmills, Weight Machines

Yard/Garden Landscape Debris

Branches, Brush, Bushes, Clippings, Dirt, Firewood, Flowers, Grass, Leaves, Limbs, Shrubs, Sod, Stumps, Vines

Restricted items

We can take most items from your home or business but there are a few things listed below that we are not able to. If you happen to have something that is not on the list just give us a call and ask if we can remove it for you.

Liquids and Hazardous Waste & Materials
Ammunition, Antifreeze, Asbestos-Containing Materials, Batteries, Bio-Hazard Squalor, Chemicals&Fertilizer, Creosote Treated Wood, Diesel, Fluorescent Tubes, Gasoline, Grease, Household Cleaners, Kerosene, Light Bulbs, Medical Waste & Sharps, Medications, Oil, Paint, Paint Thinner, Pesticides, Pool &Spa Chemicals, Propane, Solvents, Some Toiletries/Beauty Products

How Much Will it Cost for a Cleanout Service?

Pricing for cleanout services includes the loading, hauling, disposal or recycling fees. We charge by the volume that you fill up in the truck, so the price that we quote depends on how many items we’ll be hauling and the size of each. There are never any hidden fees when using Rubbish Works Junk Removal.

Call or Schedule Online

Schedule an appointment for an estimate online or call 800-501-9324.  Our courteous, uniformed crew will call you 20-30 minutes prior to arriving within your scheduled 2 hour window.

Onsite Estimate

We price based on volume (Cubic Yards).  When we arrive, just identify the rubbish you want removed and we will provide you with an all-inclusive price.

Load & Haul Rubbish

We take care of all of the labor and loading no matter where your items are located.  After we load all the identified items, we haul it away.

Responsible Disposal

After removing the unwanted items from your home or business, Rubbish Works Junk Removal will make sure that everything is properly sorted for donation, disposal, or recycling.

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