Looking at that new 80" plasma TV or that new flat screen that will blow up your living room and make your place the place to watch anything? Yes, we know you are! But, what do you do with your old TV? Well, there is a solution to your tv recycling questions in San Antonio! Most people don’t want to just throw away their old tv and have it take up space in the landfill. Some people don’t want to take the time to sell their old tv. Does this sound like you?

TV Recycling Center In San Antonio

Well, rest assured that there is tv recycling in San Antonio. The condition of the tv doesn’t matter one bit. Whether it is working or not, we will take if off your hands and repair it for you and get it back out in to circulation and you can go about your business feeling good that you didn’t take up more unnecessary space in our landfills. We also will perform a similar process with all San Antonio appliance removal items that are in proper condition.

Rubbish works doesn’t just focus on junk. We focus on taking items, including your tv and other appliances and ensuring that if they can be repaired and/or recycled, we will do it. Many places don’t waste their time on such junk items. They just throw away and damage our environment by taking more space in the landfill than needed. Not us. We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly and doing whatever it takes to keep our unnecessary landfill space down. No matter what the appliance or electronic item, we will ensure it is recycled if it can be.

Even if you have rented our dumpster and are cleaning out the house and making room for new items, if you have an old tv that you are getting rid of, we will take care of it. When it comes to tvs, tv recycling in San Antonio is alive and well.

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