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Electronic Recycling

Why do people look for Denver electronic recycling?

People are becoming more and more educated on the harm that E-Waste can have on the environment.    One of the largest concerns in electronic waste is lead, which can be found in circuit boards and CRT monitors.   There are a large number of pollutants that come from electronics and our goal is to minimize their impact on the Denver environment by responsibly recycling as much as possible.

Why choose Rubbish Works for Denver electronic removal and computer disposal?

Rubbish Works is a fast, convenient, and responsible way to remove and recycle Denver electronic items.  Generally, it’s against EPA laws to dump E-Waste in the landfill.   Rubbish Work has teamed up with local Denver recycling companies to responsibly recycle your electronic items, including computers, applicances, TVs and more.

Rubbish Works allows you to schedule a pick-up time online in as few as three clicks.  Then a two-person crew will come to your property, give you a fixed price quote for removing your electronic items.  We maintain a database of the Denver recycling companies that properly dispose and recycle a broad array of materials, including electronics.

Rubbish Works helps non-profits in Denver and surrounding areas.

Many of the items that we pick up are still useful to the local Denver charities.   Before recycling the electronics in Denver, we try to donate any items we can to the local charities.   Around 40% of the electronics we collect are donated to Denver charity.

Rubbish Works helps the environment in Denver and surrounding areas.

We are dedicated to doing the right thing when it comes to the Denver environment.   We take the time to sort and donate or recycle all Denver electronic items including old phones, computers, applicances and cables.

How much will it cost to remove my electronics?

Pricing for Denver electronics removal includes the loading, hauling, disposal or recycling fees. We charge by the volume that you fill up in the truck, so the price that we quote depends on how many items we'll be hauling and the size of each.  There are never any hidden fees when using Rubbish Works.

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